Towel Rails


Towel rail radiators combine practicality, aesthetics, and energy efficiency to enhance the overall experience of your bathroom renovation. From providing an efficient heating solution to adding a touch of style, these radiators are a smart investment that transforms your bathroom into a functional and inviting space. We supply Towel Rails from brands like Zhender, Vogue, Bisque (now Zhender) and SBH.

Our Bathroom Brands

Conventional Towel Rail Radiators

If your home has traditional gas boiler powered heating, you're likely looking for a towel rail that integrated with this system and comes on with the rest of your central heating system. There's a large variety of radiators that we provide that can work this way, from leading brands like Zhender, Bisque, SBH and Vogue. These radiators work in tandem with your central heating system and don't require any extra effort to schedule or work reliably.

Electric Towel Rail Radiators

If you don't have traditional gas boiler heating in your home, an electric powered towel rail may be the perfect choice for your renovation. There are generally two kinds of electric towel rail radiators; thermostatic and non thermostatic. Thermostatic allows you to set a static temprature target for your radiator, as well as plan when your radiator turns on and off, allowing you to have a seperate schedule for your bathroom heating if you wish.

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