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A close coupled toilet is a type of toilet design where the cistern (the water tank) is directly attached to the back of the toilet bowl. In this design, the cistern and the toilet bowl are closely coupled, meaning they are connected and form a single unit. (hence the name!) The cistern is usually mounted at the back of the toilet bowl, and both components are seamlessly joined, creating a compact and streamlined appearance.

Close coupled toilets are one of the most common and popular toilet designs due to their practicality, space-saving nature, and ease of installation. They are a staple item in bathrooms across the world. These toilets come in various styles and designs, catering to different preferences and bathroom aesthetics, making them a versatile and widely used option for modern bathroom installations.


A back-to-wall toilet is a modern and space-saving toilet design commonly used in contemporary bathrooms. Unlike traditional toilets, which have visible cisterns, a back-to-wall toilet has its cistern concealed behind a wall or within a furniture unit.

Back-to-wall toilets offer a sleek and minimalist appearance, making them a popular choice for modern bathrooms. They are also known for being easier to clean, as there are no awkward nooks or visible pipes around the toilet base. The hidden cistern and neat design make back-to-wall toilets an excellent option for maximizing space in smaller bathrooms or creating a contemporary and streamlined look in larger ones.

Wall Hung Toilets

The key feature of a wall-hung toilet is its concealed cistern, which is installed within the wall, hidden from view. This concealed cistern is responsible for holding the flushing water and is operated by a flush plate or button that is usually mounted on the wall above the toilet bowl.

Wall-hung toilets are appreciated for their sleek and minimalist appearance, which adds a touch of elegance to the bathroom and makes cleaning the floor much easier, as there are no crevices or hard-to-reach areas around the toilet base. The open space beneath the toilet also creates an illusion of more floor space, making it an excellent choice for smaller bathrooms or those seeking a contemporary and spacious ambience.

It's important to note that wall-hung toilets require a sturdy and reliable wall structure to support their weight, so proper installation by a professional is essential to ensure safety and stability.

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