Bath Designs

Look no further than this definitive guide to the types of bath that are available for your bathroom design project.

Our Bathroom Brands

A luxurious statement in larger bathrooms, the timeless appeal of a freestanding bath means you can get one in a traditional and contemporary style to fit whatever your design goals are. Free Standing Baths
The ultimate in traditional bath sytles, the clawfoot is a centrepiece that features tall sides and add a sophisticated look to a bathroom. Claw Foot Free Standing Baths
A variant of the clawfoot-freestanding design, these baths feature a pedestal that they sit on instead of feet. Still a timeless look in any bathroom. Pedestal Free Standing Baths
Available in pedestal, clawfoot and freestanding designs, these baths rise at one end for the ultimate comfort while bathing. Slipper Free Standing Baths

Modern Free Standing Baths

If you’re looking for something more contemporary, a modern free standing bath could be the bathroom centrepiece you’re looking for. Coming in a wide range of shapes, designs and sizes; modern freestanding baths boast sleek lines for a clean, modern look.

Shower Baths

The perfect shower for a small space, shower-baths come in a large variety of sizes that can be adapted to your requirements.

Whirlpool Baths

The ultimate in relaxation and self-care, a whirlpool/jacuzzi bath contains several jets that create a massaging effect in your bath. We can install whirlpool jets in a bath of your choice, let us know what your requirements are.

Need help finding the perfect bath?

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